Monday, May 12, 2014

Do You Know Where Your Stones Come From?

As many of you may already know I don't often use stones. 
I do mount bits of things in my work but stones are rare, and if I do use them they have to be well how should I say.. a bit out of the ordinary!

Of course it would be nice if I had a "before" shot, but I don't...  

Ones of the times I was in the village of Mineral de Pozos I picked up this sandstone piece that had a nice bit of orangish quartz drooozy on it.  
It sat in my studio for a long time 
today, as I was preparing stuff for the 2-week residency program at Haystack in Maine this summer,

it spoke to me.  

So I called my friend Kim and he was nice enough to let me use his equipment to cut it up and make it into a few nice little shapes.  
Many might not like it as a stone or say that it has very little value because most of the tops of the little crystals are broke off, 
but it's something special to me because I know where it came from.  

I wonder if some one I know might call these stones Wabi-Sabi?  
And so these nice bits will get packed away for my trip to Maine, 
perhaps something very cool will come from them during my time there!!


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  1. That is definitely wabi-sabi! LOVE those druzzies!