Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Speaking Your Language

I think the people you are meant to encounter will always find you in this life, whether they be new friends, partners or even clients.

This weekend I participated in a nice little art walk they did in my neighborhood.  There were maybe 100 people that came through my studio those 2 days, most were pleasant and showed an interested face but only a few really stuck out in my mind after the cards were folded.
My Bench
One woman I know came early one day and bought a tiny little sculpture she said she had been thinking about since last year.  She said if I still had it, it was meant to be.. well indeed I did still have the object and so it went home with her even though it was the last thing I ever would have expected anybody to buy!
Anti-War sculpture
I also spent time chatting with some old friends as well as meeting a few new interesting people.  A woman I met for the first time is a beekeeper and we hit it off right away, and we talked for quite a while.

Just like those few “right” people who found me this weekend at the art walk I too found some great  new friends last spring when I did the 2-week Residency at Haystack mountain school of crafts. Some of the people were a joy to be with at the time and I have not talked to them since, others I have almost weekly contact with and I suspect I will be in touch with for years to come!  Among those I met at Haystack a few have had a very positive affect on my career in the past year!

One of the great recent opportunities for me has been getting to know and working a bit with Whaley Studios in San Diego because of one of my friends from Haystack, Tara Magboo who works there.  Among teaching some great classes Whaley studios does an online interview of a great person in the jewelry field once a month. In January I was lucky enough to have them interview me!  So if you would like to know a little bit more about me and my work please check out this link:
That's me casting.

Happy Miercoles everyone!


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