Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Old and the New

In pre-hispanic Mexico during the bronze age metalwork played an important role in all different parts of life. One example are the beautiful little bells that were made in the northwestern part of the country in the several hundred years preceding the arrival of the Spanish. These bells were important especially in aspects of religion and ceremony. During my travels in Mexico I have taken pictures of a variety of artifacts in different museums. Once while I was in Jalapa Veracruz I took this foto of examples of these bronze bells and tucked it away.

Over the last year I have found myself particularly fascinated and drawn back to this form of the bell. Once inspired, it was then time to dig the pictures back out, study, and begin doing a little more research. Although the original bells would have been cast using the lost wax technique, I began an exploration of the bell form using sand casting.

The sand casting technque is another ancient method for the reproduction of objects. It has also been used in this country for many generations. My goal in using sand casting for this project was to find a less intensive fun way to develop a product which represented this old traditional form, and in doing so,be able to share an interesting part of the history of Mexico with my students.
If you are able to join me for my summer workshop at the 92nd you might go home with a great little bell something like this!

Have a great creative Thursday everyone!


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