Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Portrait of an Artist

A year ago one of my students in a workshop Linda, said her and her husband were visiting from the Vancouver area. She mentioned that her husband is a photographer and loves to do portraiture of people in their natural work environments. She said he had already done quite a few in San Miguel but is always looking for more people. She gave me his information and when I had a look at his site I was really blown away. I got back to Linda and said I would love to be included in a shoot if it worked out.

Last year it did not, but this year when they were here visiting again we got it together. We set up a time a few weeks ago and I was really thrilled to be able to invite Linda and her husband Richard Paris to come for a visit and shoot here at my studio.

The whole experience was fun, and they were both such a pleasure to work with! This was really good because Richard took fotos for 4 full hours to get all the details he wanted just right. Have a look at the great shots Richard ended up with, giving an insiders glimpse of me and my studio! And if you have not seen his work before, it's really exceptional so go and check out his website when you have the chance!

Happy April 1st everyone!


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